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Dog training & agility

Agility holidays

Dog Training

There are a wide range of training opportunities here, with trainers who use force-free, reward-based training & are both experienced & well qualified. Please contact the trainers directly to arrange sessions.

Training includes:

Agility: at beginners, improvers & competition standard

Life Skills


Focus & Fun

Workshops: eg: Reliable Recall, Loose Lead Walking

1-1 Consultations


Carolyn Boyd:


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We have a full competition standard set of agility equipment, which includes a dog-walk, A-frame, see-saw, (each with non-abrasive, rubber contacts), 10 jumps, 5m tube tunnel, flat tunnel, long-jump, tyre, weaves & numbers. All equipment is made by Adams Agility, is adjustable for different heights & conforms to current KC regulations.  The fenced agility area is sited within the separate dog exercise field, which is regularly mowed & half a mile from any road, ensuring a safe environment for you & your dog. There is usually a different course set up each week, which can be run at novice, intermediate, or advanced level.

There are a range of possibilities for agility training here:

  1. For those experienced handlers & dogs who already compete, the equipment can be

  hired by the hour & used without supervision.

  1. For those who haven’t tried it before, taster sessions can be arranged where you &

  your dog can try out some of the equipment. Even though puppies should not

  undertake certain kinds of agility until they are at least over a year old, it is still

  possible to introduce them to most of the equipment on the ground & have some fun

  with it! Please contact us for details & pricing.

  1. There are trainers who run agility classes from here: from complete beginners to

  competition level. Please contact us for details.

Agility session/times need to be arranged with us in advance & a registration form completed, (Beano's Ballpark Agility Registration Form 2017.doc) , prior to use of the equipment. Click here for prices.