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“a fabulous idea: enables all dogs to have freedom”

(from reviews on Facebook page)

what it’s all about

Have trouble finding a safe place to train, walk or play with your dog? Do you ever wish that you  had your own field for off-lead, hassle-free exercise? Well, Beano’s Ballpark might be just what you’re looking for. There are two beautifully mowed, fenced fields to choose from; one with a separate fenced training area. The fields: The Ballpark, (2.5 acres) & The Bolthole, (1.5 acres) are at opposite ends of our 21 acre farm, with completely separate access & can be hired exclusively by individuals with their dogs, for one hour sessions. During that time, you could work on training, let your dog potter about, or just throw a ball around, enjoy the view & have a good time, without someone else’s dog ruining your fun! Both fields are fully fenced & gated with approximately 4' lamb fencing & higher Cornish hedges behind. (We do not use barbed wire on any of our fencing). There are stunning moorland views from each field & benches & tables for your use, so that you can bring a picnic. You may drive straight into both the fields, (weather permitting!)

We have toilets on site for your use.

the bolthole

This field is 1.5 acres, flat & well mowed & is situated on the opposite side of the farm from the Ballpark, with its own completely separate access. This field is a firm favourite of our own dogs, but is also available for those who like their privacy. There is seating & a table, with trees offering both shade & shelter at the bottom of the field.


Hoopers is an exciting new dog sport in the UK. Unlike agility, it is a minimal-impact sport: suitable from puppies, to older dogs & even those with previous injuries. The flowing lines of the courses allow the dog to work fast & independently. We offer 1-1 sessions for Hoopers, as well as regular classes & occasional ‘Challenge’ events.

news & info

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safe, fully fenced, dog walking & exercise fields in Cornwall:

with exclusive use from £5 per hour, for local people & holidaymakers alike

the ballpark

A huge 2.5 acre field, within which is a separate, fenced dog training area. (This will not be used by anyone else during your hire). This field has its own special magic & has  stunning moorland views. There are benches & a table for your use & the trees around the edges of the field provide both shade in the sun & shelter in the rain.