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... how to find us!

Beano’s Ballpark is situated down a quiet farm track, (with passing places!), in the hamlet of Halwin: between Porkellis & Carnkie.

Sat Nav

We would strongly advise against using Sat Nav, as you might to end up in some very peculiar places! Instead, any of the following are more likely to get you here.

Google Maps

Just type in Beano’s Ballpark, TR13 0PD for map & directions or click here.

Prefer it the old-fashioned way?

For written instructions & maps, please follow our printed directions:

To view, click here

To download & print, click Directions.pdf

On the right track?

Find Halwin School.

Immediately opposite the school is a track through fields, with double gates. This is our 

neighbours’ private track, so please don’t go down it!

Beside the school is the School House & immediately opposite this, is a farm track with

a sign saying Higher Dacum Farm. Please note that this track is not suitable for vehicles over 7’ wide.

Go down that track, past the first farm, (which is not us) & keep going until you see a

postbox with our logo on it.

If you go down the drive a little way & park in the first field you find on the right, we will

come & find you & show you around.

Please do not come down the track any earlier than five minutes before your session time, to avoid meeting other field users leaving.

Street View!

School house on left, lane on right                          Entrance to lane on left, school on right 

Nearly there - keep going past the first farm            You’ve arrived!

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