Dicky Bags!

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Our Dicky Bags have landed & are now available to buy. These limited edition bags: unique to Beano's Ballpark, are being sold with a 10% discount just for Mr Bean's pals.

The Dicky Bag is an award winning stylish neoprene bag that’s lightweight, airtight, washable and leak proof which can be attached to you, or your dog and stores those nasty knotted plastic bags until you find a suitable bin. Each bag comes with flexible attachments, pick-up bags & a replaceable Dicky Disk freshener for a more pleasant drive home!

Prices are:
Small: £25 (RRP: £28)
Medium: £27 (RRP: £30)
Large: £29 (RRP: £32)
Extra Large: £31 (RRP: £35)

Visit: http://www.dickybag.com/ for details about this wonderful little bag you'll find you can't live without!

Available from Beano’s Ballpark

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‘Been’ at Beano’s? Get a unique, limited edition Dicky Bag for a civilised way of carrying dog poop!