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How do I book?

The fields are available for hire, most days, from 8am to dusk. To book a field, please contact us by telephone: (01326 340627 or 07813 984662), email, or via Facebook, to arrange. It may seem obvious, but out of respect for field users & their dogs, please don’t just turn up: all visits must be booked in advance, even if you are just coming to look at the fields.

Wherever possible, we advise that you book at least 24 hours in advance for a session. Alternatively, you can phone between 8.30 & 9.30 am, to see if there are any slots available for that day. For those who do not wish to come in bad weather, we would prefer you to ring on the day, rather than to book in advance & then fail to arrive.

The booking is by the hour, with 50 minutes use of the field & 5 minutes each end for arrival & departure. Please ensure that you do not arrive early, or leave late, in order not to compromise other field users.

Is it Safe for my dog?

Our farm is a good half-mile from any road, with our fields surrounding the house. There are no livestock on our farm. No other dogs will be allowed in the field during your hire, but please be aware that a, (rarely used), footpath runs within sight of the field boundaries, so please ensure that your dogs remain either in the fenced field, or on lead in other areas, at all times.

We do not do ‘back to back’ bookings & allow enough time between bookings, that you will not encounter other field users, or their dogs, (but please ensure that you don’t arrive early or leave late, to avoid this happening).

Whilst the fields are completely fenced, we cannot ensure total security for every dog. We are happy for you to come & visit in advance, (by arrangement), to have a look at the facility & assess its suitability for your needs.

This environment makes it possible for fearful, reactive, or aggressive dogs to feel safe within the fields. As both our fields are on private land, exempted dogs, or those subject to a control order, are welcome to enjoy some off-lead & unmuzzled fun.

We do not use shared water or toys, for hygiene reasons, so please bring your own with you. If you’ve forgotten anything though, please do feel free to ask!

We request that field users pick up dog waste, cigarette butts, bits of broken or chewed toys, chewing gum, litter etc & take it with you off-site. Most people are very good about this & our fields are very clean, with no hazards. We check the fields several times a day with our two terriers, who make excellent dog poo monitors, but if you come across a poo that someone might have missed, you’ll get extra points if you bag that too!

First Visit?

For initial sessions, please download Beano's Ballpark Registration Form2018.doc; complete it & bring it with you. We will meet you on arrival & show you around. Please bring water, treats, favourite toys &, of course, poo bags!  When you arrive, please leave your dogs in your vehicle while you book in.

Terms & Conditions

All bookings are subject to the terms & conditions on the Registration Form. Having been informed of these conditions, it is assumed that you, (& all members of your party), accept them if you make a booking.

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