Agility holidays,equipment & training
We have a full competition standard set of agility equipment, which includes a dog-walk, A-frame, see-saw, (each with rubber contacts), 10 jumps, 5m tube tunnel, flat tunnel, long-jump, tyre, weaves & numbers. All equipment is adjustable for different heights & conforms to current KC regulations.  The fenced agility area is sited within the separate dog exercise field, which is regularly mowed & half a mile from any road, ensuring a safe environment for you & your dog.
The equipment is available to hire, by the hour, for experienced handlers & tuition is available for those with less, or no experience, who wish to further their skills or just to give your dog a bit of fun on their holiday. An introductory session is available to allow your dogs to try out all the equipment. Even though puppies should not undertake certain kinds of agility until they are over a year old, it is still possible to introduce them to most of the equipment & have some fun with it!
The equipment is available for local people to hire & also for campers, who wish to make their dogs holiday as much fun as theirs! For agility competitors, we are just a few minutes drive from Stithians Showground, where there are regular agility shows, organised by local clubs, including, amongst others, Carn Brea Agility Club & Roseland Dog Training Club.
We also hope to hold training days, masterclasses, events & small shows during the summer.
Experienced handlers: for people to use the equipment independently with their dog/s.
£5 per hour, for one handler
£7.50 per hour, for two handlers
£10 per hour, for three handlers
Introductory sessions:
£10 for up to one hour, for one dog
2 dogs: £7.50 per hour each
3 dogs: £5 per hour each
4 dogs and over: £4 per hour each
More advanced training:
We have a range of trainers who can offer training one a one to one, or group basis, at beginner, novice, or advanced level. Please contact us for details & costs.
Guidelines for training sessions:
We ask that you please:
  2. Note that we do not allow the use of check chains/slip leads in our agility classes- only flat buckled or snap fastened collars.
  3. Bring your dogs favourite toy & a pot of tasty treats (eg .cheese/sausage/liver)
  4. Wear suitable clothing and safe footwear.
  5. Clean up after your dog & dispose of all dog waste off-site.
  6. Observe the terms & conditions below.
Terms & Conditions:
  1. For independent handlers, please note that it is your responsibility to inspect the ground & the placement & condition of equipment prior to using it. You are liable to pay for any damage other than normal wear & tear.
  2. Whilst every reasonable precaution is taken to ensure the safety of you & your dogs, agility is a sport that has risks attached. Every session is undertaken at your own risk & we cannot be held responsible for any injury to people or dogs, however caused.
  3. Please report any accident, incident or damage immediately
  4. We respectfully ask that you do not bring bitches in season or dogs with any infectious diseases to the site.
  5. We appreciate that some dogs have difficulties; eg: aggression, fears, phobias. Please contact us to discuss, in order that safety issues can be considered, as other dogs may be using the exercise field.
  6. Please clean up after your dog & dispose of all dog waste off-site. If your dog cocks a leg on the equipment, or has a widdle in the tunnel, please use the cleaning materials provided for this purpose!
  7. Please do not leave dogs tethered or unattended.
  8. Dogs can be exercised, off-lead, in the same field, but must be on leads elsewhere on the farm. No dogs are allowed in, or around the toilet block or barn
  9. Please register & pay all fees, in cash, prior to using the equipment
To book:
Phone Dee or Cath on 01326 340627 or 07813984661,
For photos, feedback & news:
Check out our agility Facebook site: